A recount of growing up in a broken home

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A recount of growing up in a broken home

Article Florida recount chugs along as more irregularities surface Voters at the voting booth, Photo Date: Patrick Murphy says his ballot didn't count because of a discrepancy with his signature.

A recount of growing up in a broken home

As the vote counts tightened last week, Murphy checked the Palm Beach County elections website and saw his mail-in vote was scrapped because of an invalid signature.

Murphy says it "shows how broken our system is," adding, "you just wonder how many other cases there are. Senate insaid he hoped to appeal, but learned the Nov. He said the burden should be on election supervisors to proactively notify citizens.

He said these "kinds of error and mishaps" are troubling in a state like Florida with a history of close elections. The characters running Broward and Palm Beach voting will not be able to 'find' enough votes, too much spotlight on them now!

Rick Scott, who has also accused Broward and Palm Beach of fraud. Both the state elections department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which are run by Republican appointees, have said they have seen no evidence of voter fraud anywhere in the state and a Broward judge challenged anyone who has evidence of fraud to file a report.

But there have been problems. Palm Beach said it won't finish its recount by the Thursday deadline. And in oft-criticized Broward County, additional sheriff's deputies were sent to guard ballots and voting machines, a compromise aimed at alleviating concerns.

White House spokeswoman Mercedes Schlapp said Tuesday the president "obviously has his opinion" on the recount. Trump on Monday tweeted that "An honest vote count is no longer possible" in Florida, without elaborating, and said "new ballots showed up out of nowhere.

He demanded that the election night results — which showed the Republicans leading based upon incomplete ballot counts — be used to determine the winner. You have a 12,vote gap and the other candidate refuses to concede," Schlapp said, referring to Scott's opponent, incumbent Democratic Sen.

In the Senate race, Scott's lead over Nelson was 0.

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In the governor's contest, unofficial results showed Republican former Rep. Once the recount is complete, if the differences in any of the races are 0. All 67 counties face a state-ordered deadline of Thursday to finish their recounts. Broward Chief Circuit Judge Jack Tuter held an emergency hearing Monday on a request by Scott's lawyers that deputies be put in charge of ballots and voting machines that aren't being used until the recount is over.

An attorney for Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes described layers of security including keycard and password access to rooms where ballots are kept, secured by deputies and monitored by security cameras and representatives of both campaigns and parties.

Scott's lawyers had alleged in court documents that Snipes was engaging in "suspect and unlawful vote counting practices" that violate state law and that she might "destroy evidence of any errors, accidents or unlawful conduct.

We need to be careful of what we say. Words mean things these days. The county was devastated by a Category 4 hurricane in October, and Scott ordered some special provisions for early voting there. Manatee County, south of Tampa Bay, had to restart its recount Monday because a needed button on the machine wasn't pushed.

The error was caught after about a quarter of the county's nearlyvotes had been recounted, said Michael Bennett, the county's Republican elections supervisor. It shouldn't affect the county's ability to meet Thursday's deadline.WILMINGTON, N.C.

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