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I intend to write about the challenges and strategies of performance auditing, to provoke debate, and help us all be better professionals. My background is intertwined with the institution of elected auditors in the Portland area. I worked as a staff auditor to the elected Portland auditor for six years, campaigned and was elected the Multnomah County Auditor the metropolitan countyand later returned as the elected Portland Auditor. We also have an elected regional government auditor Metro and neighboring Washington County has an elected auditor.

Antithesis designs fredericton

Speaker, I am sure that as part of your deliberation you will certainly want to weigh the motives of why the government would put different motions together in somewhat of an omnibus bill.

As you know, this practice has been carried on by not only the Liberal government on a regular basis but also its predecessors in the Tory party. They put motions that are mostly distasteful to even their own members, and certainly the opposition, together with motions that are purely acceptable by their own members and the opposition in such a way that it forces the opposition and its own members away from a democratic vote on whether they like the motion or not and forces them to vote for one bill which contains both the distasteful and the acceptable motions.

This is the motive behind it. It has been demonstrated clearly by this party and the Tories before it on many occasions. I would submit, Mr. Speaker, that you have to consider whether this is a democratic thing to do; to take the right away from members on both sides who oppose certain motions in a omnibus bill by forbidding them to vote individually on those motions.

I believe that the government's motives behind a bill like this has to be considered as you make your deliberation. The Speaker I appreciate the assistance offered by hon. I am not sure that motives are something that the Chair wants to get into particularly.

I am more concerned about the procedural aspects of the motion and whether it meets the requirements of our practice and Standing Orders. However I will take the arguments under advisement, consider the matter and get back to the House at an early opportunity with a ruling on this point in respect of the acceptability, or divisibility or whatever of the motion that is on the Notice Paper at this time.

I thank again hon. Speaker, I think you will need to keep the name of my riding in mind in future. Having not used it for a long time, it is perfectly understandable that you have lost sight of it, but I think you will remember it in future. I am very pleased to be able to speak within this debate on the address in response to the Speech from the Throne, which was delivered on Monday afternoon.

I have heard a number of these speeches since coming here, but this was really the one I had the greatest hope for, and unfortunately the one that has been the greatest disappointment to me.

I was expecting a throne speech with some perspective for Canada's future, one in which we would see what future policies would be, how we could move forward in the 21st century with as much harmony as possible and how we could solve the problems facing us.

I must admit, however, that of all the throne speeches we have had to date, this is the weakest I have ever had occasion to read.

Antithesis designs fredericton

I would like to begin with several points that, on first reading, strike me as positive. It is, however, very obvious that we will have to wait for the concrete measures arising out of the fine words we heard when the speech was read. One of these points is ratification of the Kyoto protocol.

The Prime Minister has promised that a resolution would tabled in the House. We will have a debate on the Kyoto protocol, and it appears that we will be able to vote on this resolution, to honour the commitments we made regarding the Kyoto accord. However, since the beginning of the session, we have already noticed that this issue seems to be creating problems within cabinet itself.

So, even though we view this as a rather positive step, we have concerns: Considering the Minister of Health's election results, the province she lives in and the position of the government in her province, whose premier said he is even prepared to separate from Canada if the Kyoto protocol is implemented, I can understand why she is trying her best, first to save her seat, second to ensure that her province does not separate, and third to play for time on the Kyoto accord.

This is the first thing. Another concern about Kyoto is the fact that the protocol will be implemented over a year period. We wonder to what extent all the efforts that have been made by Quebec, for example, over the past 10 years will be taken into consideration when the time comes to define everyone's share of the burden.

We will also have to see to what extent we will truly be able to allocate the necessary funds to fully implement Kyoto. Will the Prime Minister's successor decide to change things and postpone its implementation? These are some of the questions that we have, even though we believe the ratification of the Kyoto protocol is a very good idea.

There is a second point that I found interesting in the announcements made by the Prime Minister, particularly in the speech that he delivered the day after the Speech from the Throne. He said he would double Canada's aid to developing and poor countries, particularly in Africa.

As such, this is good news.In my view, where, as here, a legislative omission is on its face the very antithesis of the principles embodied in the legislation as a whole, the trustees of these rights insofar as disputes arose concerning their interpretation was a necessary part of this new design.

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