Business academic writing

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Business academic writing

Academic writing Business, health, technology and education related topicsBusiness related issues BarbaraCorporationEquity theoryJohn FrankMotivationOrganizationPeter BlockStructural engineer ncys82 Introduction It is crucial for every leader of a company to have a comprehensive understanding on the theories business academic writing practicality of implementing a good structural design of people and organization for their establishments.

A search through books, journals and even information from the Internet will lead you into finding a variation in organizational theories and strategies. There are a few prominent figures that are known to have discussed this issue to the highest level such as Goleman, French and Raven as well as Copper Makin and Cox.

Each proposes a specific technique and tool that can be used to manage or lead an organization better. There is no hard and fast rules as to which is the best pattern. It all depends on the needs or requirements of a particular organization. However, this article is going to focus on the concepts that are suggested from People and Organization.

Finally, the conclusion will give a few suggestions as a form of resolution to the problems that are found in this video. It consists of a four parts video that runs for about half an hour chronicling a few key individuals at Price Waterhouse who are involved in the implementation of a 5 million pound investment in an office automated system.

The idea is, first, suggested to Barbara who is the sales and marketing manager for the company. Due to the traditional filing system, she finds it hard to keep track and organize all the data. Not to mention, it is also very time consuming. Therefore, she feels that it is a worthy investment in order to make her work lighter and more efficient.

Later, she brings this idea to John Frank who is the main technical staff. After much persuasion and partly, due to personal gain, he finally agrees to support the implementation of the office automated system.

The proposal is discussed in the board meeting headed by the finance director, Harry McLeod and he approves the project so that the company will not lose out while competing with other companies that are moving forward in the usage of technology.

However, the idea is not supported by all the board members especially Tom Blyth who is the service manager. Later, he will initiate a whole new and separate system for his department to show his disapproval for the office automated system idea.

When the project exceeded the planned budget of 5 million pound, Harry decides to make a drastic cut from a financer point of view. As the implementation of the office automated system begins, there are a number of problems that start to arise.

The owner, David, notices these complications and question Tom regarding the effectiveness of this system. Gary pokes his nose around the office and discovers that there are a few major problems that occur due to poor structural design of the people and organization.

He relates his findings to David. They are motivation, conflict and politics. A few famous researchers who have significant findings using this theory are Goleman, Katzenbach, Pearson and Axelrod.

All agreed that there are two main types of process motivation theory Williams, Therefore, if the end result is going to be desirable as well as successful and there is a clear way of reaching the goal, then, this will motivate a person to take action so that the predicted outcome will be realized Williams, They are Barbara and John Franks.

Academic Writing Guide for College Students

Both see the attraction behind the implementation of the office automated system project. For Barbara, she will be able to achieve better organization of all the sales and marketing data.

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The project will allow her to increase her sales as well as in reducing the amount of work and time in data coordination. Meanwhile, John Franks has been requesting for salary increment and a promotion for quite some time.

Types of Academic Writing

He sees the project as a stepping stone for him to achieve his goals. Therefore, Barbara and John Franks will be motivated to ensure that the project will be successful due to personal gains.

The second and third factor work hand in hand. They are the instrumentality and expectancy factors. As the study case has shown, Barbara automatically seeks help from her fellow colleague, John Franks who is well-versed in the information technology field.

She realizes that if he can get John to cooperate with her in the office automated project, then, she will have the ability as well as the confidence to achieve a positive end result. Whenever there is a sense of dissatisfaction due to an unjust treatment, a worker will feel demotivated.

This is clearly shown in the characters of John and Tom. John feels unsatisfied and overwhelm with the amount of work which he needs to do.

business academic writing

Therefore, his productivity is low and only picks projects which he wants to pay focus on. Aside from that, he has also taken the action of asking for a promotion as a justification for his workload.Here is a wide range of sample papers of various types and topics. Look through them to have an idea on how academic papers should be written and formatted.

Academic writing is a complex process involving reading, thinking and planning before going on to draft, redraft and edit a text. The materials in this section take you through each stage of this process, using sample texts to illustrate some of the most important features of academic writing.

Academic and business writing have more in common than meets the eye. The style guidelines are different, the tones are different and the audiences are certainly not the same. Yet, these two types of writing actually share many attributes, and learning to write in one can help you excel at the other.

Formal English is used mainly in academic writing and business communications, whereas Informal English is casual and is appropriate when communicating with friends and other close ones.

Choose the style of writing keeping in mind what you are writing and to whom. Both business and academic papers fall under the category of formal writing.

This means that they are serious and have to follow specific guidelines. Language, discussed previously, is a necessary characteristic of a formal piece of writing.

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