Columbine shooting killer kids essay

References to their personality traits were the most prevalent theme discussed. Academic or job accomplishments also were discussed. Of the students that were killed during the massacre, Jarrett Lane was valedictorian of his high school Urbina and Fernandezand Henry Lee was salutatorian of his high school Belluck, Professor Kevin Granata was considered a leader in his field Belluckand all professors were each highly accomplished in their own right.

Columbine shooting killer kids essay

He actually referred to his audience in his journal: He scripted Columbine as made-for-TV murder, and his chief concern was that we would be too stupid to see the point. He wanted to maximize the terror.

Parents across the country were afraid to send their kids to school. Such instances of exaggerated violence are constructed events: Terrorists rarely settle for just shooting; that limits the damage to individuals. They prefer to blow up things—buildings, usually, and the smart ones choose carefully.

He pointed out that during the same day as the first attack on the World Trade Center, ina deadlier attack was leveled against a coffee shop in Cairo.

The attacks were presumably coordinated by the same group. The body count was worse in Egypt, yet the explosion was barely reported outside that country. Most terrorists target symbols of the system they abhor—generally, iconic government buildings.

Eric followed the same logic. He understood that the cornerstone of his plan was the explosives. When all his bombs fizzled, everything about his attack was misread.

Columbine shooting killer kids essay

He was never categorized with his peer group. We lumped him in with the pathetic loners who shot people.Killer Kids: The New Paradigm by Lisa Black and she's written a difficult but important essay about the research behind the new book LISA BLACK: In my recent a student at Columbine during the shooting, spent the event crammed into as low cabinet in the library while his fellow students were gunned down, feet away.

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access Home» Essay» Columbine Shooting Killer Kids A Great American. Eric Harris, the psychopathic ringleader of the Columbine shooting, kept meticulous journals for a year and a half prior to Columbine, planning the attack and describing his motive for carrying it out: his burning, undying hatred of the human race and his desire for its total annihilation.

Feb 15,  · Resources for Talking and Teaching About the School Shooting in Florida Image Students embraced after a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., Wednesday that left at. The absolute cause of the Virginia Tech massacre, the shooting at Columbine, and all of the other school shootings can not be found in just one thing.

In fact, one must consider a number of different social and cultural patterns to make sense of the matter. Incidents like the Columbine school shooting, the worst school shooting in the history of the United States, are proof of the influence of heavy violence in today’s games.

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