Economics and the social makeup of america

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Economics and the social makeup of america

The result has been a rise in identity-based animus of one party toward the other that extends far beyond the issues. As the chart above illustrates, the partisan gap in how Americans evaluate their presidents is wider now than at any time in the modern era.

And Democrats and Republicans have become much more ideologically polarized. The same Pew Research Center study also found a doubling in the past two decades in the share of Americans with a highly negative view of the opposing party. Two-thirds of consistent conservatives and half of consistent liberals say most of their close friends share their political views.

And liberals say they would prefer to live in cities while conservatives are partial to small towns and rural areas. In their child-rearing norms, conservatives place more emphasis on religious values and obedience, while liberals are more inclined to stress tolerance and empathy.

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And in their news consumption habits, each group gravitates to different sources. To be clear, not all of America is divided into these hostile camps. Even as partisan polarization has deepened, more Americans are choosing to eschew party labels.

This group is heavily populated by the young, many of whom are turned off by the cage match of modern politics. No generation in history has ever been so allergic to a party label.

Economics and the social makeup of america

As ever, many Americans are pragmatists, ready to meet in the middle. Yet nowadays these Americans are the new silent majority. Those most averse to political compromise are ideologically consistent conservatives and liberals, majorities of whom want their side to prevail.

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And recent elections have produced something else unprecedented in American political history — one party winning the popular vote in five of the past six presidential contests even as the other party has recently run up its biggest congressional and statehouse majorities in a century.

Infor example, just The old turning out in force more than the young is nothing new — that seems hard wired into the human life cycle.

And so the cycle of mean-spirited, broken politics perpetuates itself. The public remains in a foul mood, frustrated by stagnant incomes, a shrinking middle class and gruesome global terrorism.

Moreover, most Republicans and many Democrats say they believe that, on the issues that matter most to them, the other side is winning.

And not since the early s has a majority of the public said the nation is on the right track, making these past dozen years the longest sustained stretch of national pessimism since the onset of polling.

This campaign has already illuminated deep fissures not just between both parties but within them. A lot of political business will get transacted between now and November.

No matter what the outcome, the political firmament is likely to look different next year.Further, the controlled labor of millions of people has been linked, directly or indirectly, to the rise of European industrialization, capitalism, the scientific revolution, rapid population growth, huge migrations, and changing social roles for men, women, and children, to name just a few.

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Some scholars contend that the shift to neoliberal social and economic policies starting in the late s has expanded the penal state, retrenched the social welfare state, deregulated the economy and criminalized poverty, ultimately "transforming what it means to be poor in America".

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