Eminem live business plans

Life and career — Bruce left the family, moving to California [12] and having two other children:

Eminem live business plans

To answer that question, you first must understand what the artist really wants. Why am I here? How will I survive? These are not mutually exclusive questions. They are actually one in the same.

The challenge of the business plan of the spirit is to tie one's spiritual esoteric search for life's meaning and purpose to the practical economic viability, survival and prosperity that life on this plane necessitates.

The earth is moving into a new reality. Those who are here on the planet at this time have responsibilities that no generation prior had to be quite as concerned with. In addition, this generation has opportunities which no previous generation had access to.

It must encourage those on the earth at this time to live by a new set of values. Perhaps the record label of the future must position itself to be a catalyst for the development of these new value in order to ease the earth's transition into this new paradigm. Payment Related to want 1, there is the more earthly desire for attention and money.

Beyond the search for purpose, the artist wants to focus on making music, become known for their creativity, while being afforded a comfortable lifestyle based on the financial reward for their creations. They want to get paid.

There is a basic human need, or perhaps a little more pronounced than most for attention, recognition, exposure, acclaim and approval. Protection Few artists may admit it, but it's my experience that the creative soul that inhabits the artist personality shuns the responsibility and structure of self guidance in favor of the bliss and freedom of creative pursuits.

In some ways, artists like to be shepherded, guided and protected by those offering the structure that they realize is necessary in this world, but for which they have no inclination to set up for themselves.

As artists, they naturally wired to see the world differently than non-artists. That's what makes them artists.

It's also why many artists end up being taken advantage of in this game.

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Given these 3 basic needs for Purpose, Payment and Protection the question is what can YOU, as the independent label of the future, offer the artist that she cannot get by doing things herself or with a major label?

What and how can you offer something that speaks to these needs in a way that labels cannot match. The game will always go to the more creative. Sorry, I'm not giving you specific answers here. But the things YOU can come up with given YOUR unique purpose, passion and talents are ten times more creative and effective than any I could come up with on your behalf.

Besides, I'd much rather pique your interest, spark your creativity, and be a catalyst for the brainstorming session you will conduct in search of solutions than give you any of my answers as "the answer.

The landscape is still too fresh. In other words, if you want to really offer something of value to the indie artist, you have to offer something that majors and money cannot buy. The key, I believe, lies in offering a uniquely different experience based on a value system and lifestyle that the industry as a whole is too far removed from to see growing at the roots level.

As trends continue, CD sales decline, digital media expands, the record label of the future must adapt. To help you philosophically with how you need to think in order to weather these changes, and with the underlying assumption that we want to keep everyone living in the manner to which they've grown accustomed, I offer you If the trend locally is limiting the amount of money you can make, then expand nationally and internationally.

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Bake a bigger pie. But of course, it isn't always possible to bake a bigger pie, which brings us to The Rule of the Pie 2 "If the pie is getting irreversibly smaller, bake more pies. The Rule of the Pie 3 "If the pie is no longer tasty, bake a different pie.Every Eminem fan knows her name: Hailie, the rapper’s daughter with ex-wife Kim Scott and only biological child.

She was a little girl back in the era of “Hailie’s Song,” but time marches. Although Eminem parodied shock rocker Marilyn Manson in the music video for "My Name Is", they are reportedly on good terms; Manson is mentioned in "The Way I Am", appeared in its music video and has performed a live remix of the song with Eminem.

The Hip Hop Entrepreneur Record Label Business Plan Includes:

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Andre Romelle Young: 1 (born February 18, ), better known by his stage name Dr. Dre, is an American rapper, record producer and alphabetnyc.com is the founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics, and was previously co-owner of Death Row alphabetnyc.com has produced albums for and overseen the careers of many rappers, including 2Pac, The D.O.C., Snoop Dogg, Eminem.

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eminem live business plans
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