Explain how media reports of crime

Listen Nine MPs on a Commons committee are refusing to explain why they failed to ask the minister for disabled people about shocking figures that suggest attempted suicides among people claiming out-of-work disability benefits doubled between and She later said in a statement: The new analysis of NHS statistics, prepared by the independent social research institute NatCen and published by Disability News Service DNS for the first time last monthshowed that in — a year before the introduction of the much-criticised work capability assessment WCA — 21 per cent of incapacity benefit IB claimants told researchers they had attempted suicide at some point in their lives.

Explain how media reports of crime

Nor were they the worst. But the attention they are receiving is extraordinary. Full-spectrum coverage, multiple stories and follow-up articles. What is happening here? An existential threat had arisen and it was the African youth gang.

Some journos have debated its veracity but the association between crime and young people of African, particularly Sudanese, background, has been firmly established. The story becomes about African youth as whole, about how the police are responding, what the Police Minister is saying, and whose fault it is.

Explain how media reports of crime

It is no longer a crime story but a political story. If ever you need an example of how fear of crime is used for political purposes you can come back to this.

Despite its best intentions the media is not neutral. It has biases and is shaped by and shapes public opinion. When choosing which story to cover, journalists, editors and sub-editors tend to follow a particular script.

Studies here and in the United States demonstrate how journos have a tendency to cover crimes where a suspect is Black and a victim White. These stories get more prominence, larger headlines and use more exasperated and racialised language thugs, predators, etc than typical crime reporting.

Knowing that these young people are predominately fair-skinned or Caucasian does not help the police or the community understand or respond to these incidents. Ethnicity was deemed to be irrelevant to media coverage of that event. Four people were hospitalized and police back-up had to be called in from km away.


The incident got a story in each of the major papers and it was mentioned on 3AW. The ethnicity of the brawlers, who were entirely Caucasian in this case, was not mentioned. Despite resulting in far more injuries than the brawling at Moomba in the story was deemed not worth following up by any major media outlet.

There was an unusually rare armed bank holdup in Melbourne Western suburbs in recently, The suspects are decribed as Caucasion. It has recieved no mention in relation to this story. A massive brawl at this BNS Ball in Tooradin which hospitalised four people did not lead to an existential crisis for Victoria.

A kidnapped detective's daughter called 911, but help never arrived

The Argus ,13 August A moral panics are a feature of modern society. Ethnic minorities are common targets. The current intense media portrayal of African youth is an adaption of similar racialised scares that focused upon Indigenous Australians, asylum seekers Muslims, and Arabic and Lebanese people.

Moral panics tend to be generated by tabloid media and the entry of the online Daily Mail UK into the Australian media space in brought this sort of specialist expertise.

Moral panics gain eyeballs and clicks. Social media and Facebook are now part of the moral panic chain. Everyone is an expert of crime, policing and sentencing practices.

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Now, we no longer see a crime story on the evening news or in the morning paper. Collectively they serve to maintain the impression that crime is everywhere, it is out of control and its mainly African youth.

Hey Daily Mail — your Apex Gang pic is actually a UK rap band — image courtesy of ABC Media Watch 5 This sort of media coverage is harmful Misguided and inaccurate public associations between ethnicity and crime is leading directly to increasing forms of discrimination, including employment discrimination and has well-established psychological harms and social exclusion impacts upon the community itself.

It leads to the targeting, abusing, terrorizing, harassing and over-policing of African young people.

Explain how media reports of crime

Alongside hate crimes and discrimination racial profiling by police redoubles the sense of vulnerability and acts as a clear form of social exclusion Critical initiatives to reduce police discrimination such as stop and search data monitoring and receipting are being delayed because of this intense racialised media focus.

It also results in criminalisation the process in which young people of colour are perceived to be and treated as if they were criminals or likely to become one by police, teachers, social workers and communities. Maribyrnong College principal Nick Scott, described this process recently.

Then that treatment, it just brings an attitude of no-one trusts us…. I think in part they give up. Racism is always functional.

The Victorian opposition will be building its law and order agenda as we head to the Victorian State Elections in November.


It is also very much in the interests of the far-right, neo-nazi and white-nationalist groups in Victoria who gleefully share and magnify each and every crime report.View the UAPD Crime Map for up-to-the-hour crime data at the university..

View the UAPD Daily Activity Log for details on UAPD activity. Crime & Public Safety 4 family members slain in Lowcountry home were likely beaten to death, reports say. TheINQUIRER publishes daily news, reviews on the latest gadgets and devices, and INQdepth articles for tech buffs and hobbyists.

Denying Informed Consent Violates the Nuremberg Code Forced Vaccination is a Crime Against Humanity. “Informed consent is meaningless without the right to say: “No!”. A pending murder case officially dissolved Tuesday when the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office decided not to appeal a judge's ruling that a former city detective had committed "outrageous" misconduct and irreparably tainted the investigation by developing unusual relationships with several key witnesses.

Crime in Portugal is combated by the Portuguese police and other agencies.

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