If i could change one thing in history the forcing of muhammed and his followers from mecca to medin

The attack happened in a region where two Serb men were shot and killed two weeks ago. The latest attack took place shortly before midnight on the main road near the Serb region of Strpce in southern Kosovo, the mainly ethnic Albanian province that is administered by the United Nations. A statement by the United Nations police force said the officer's car "was ambushed and fired upon by unknown armed suspects. His injuries were not considered life-threatening.

If i could change one thing in history the forcing of muhammed and his followers from mecca to medin

OthersMuhammadWorld Religions. Both have had a huge impact on the way many people choose to live their lives. In Mecca Muhammad received a command about his sin: Surah 48 also lends credence to the fact that Muhammad was a sinner: Sin signifies crime, offense, and any act having an evil result or intent.

If i could change one thing in history the forcing of muhammed and his followers from mecca to medin

However, for the devout Muslim any atrocity or act committed by Muhammad is never wrong, unjust or sinful. Yet Jesus, according to the Bible, is sinless, in fact in one episode he asks those accusing him: Can you prove me guilty of any sin? He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth.

And in him is no sin. The Koran revealed that Muhammad was a sinner. The Bible reveals that Jesus was morally perfect, incapable of sin. In other words, the vast majority of experts in this historical field believe the Jesus body left his tomb.

On top of this it was the earliest Christians see the pre-Pauline creed of 1 Corinthians Paul, whose letters we have, self admittedly persecuted the earliest Christian followers for proclaiming this message.

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Forgive me, and bestow Your Mercy on me, and let me meet the companions. At all times, unlike Muhammad, Jesus knew exactly what was expected of him, and what his mission was. Jesus even knew where he was going after his death — back to heaven where he originally came from. We see as such in Luke Jesus death was planned and saved humanity from the penalty of sin.

Muhammad, however, died of sickness. Their Dealing with Sexual Sin. Let not pity withhold you in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allah, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day.

And let a party of the believers witness their punishment.

If i could change one thing in history the forcing of muhammed and his followers from mecca to medin

I was among the ones who participated in stoning him and we stoned him at the Musalla. When the stones troubled him, he fled, but we overtook him at Al-Harra [rocky place near Medina] and stoned him to death. Firstly, Jesus explains why there are vices such as adultery.

In the Sermon on the Mount, regarding the sins of adultery and lust, he says: Even further is this chasm between Muhammad and Jesus widened as Jesus interacted with prostitutes by letting them into his kingdom via their repentance. The Pharisee became indignant and said to himself that if Jesus really were a prophet, he would know who was touching him and not allow it because she was unclean.

Yet Jesus pointed out to the Pharisee that he did not offer him the customs of hospitality according to Jewish culture, such as washing feet as the sinful woman had done. What is clearly evident is that Jesus never ordered prostitutes and other sexual sinners to be hunted down, scourged, buried alive or stoned to death.

Jesus and Mohammad clearly differ greatly in their approaches in dealing with the sinful. When Jesus was interrogated by the authorities he says:Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

Search Search. Close suggestions. Upload. The Real Followers Of The Sunnah. nor have been told by history that one of them has denied or prevented this act, nor has been slain becuase of his loyalty and love for Ali.

We hve not found, nor will we find,any of the Sunni. These rhetoricians were known as shiiikbiyya. One thing they forgot — that they could only express their patriotism in the Arabic tongue, and that the use of that tongue was the indelible symbol of their vanquished state.

The Cock of the Genii was a famous Shuubi. During one of his journeys he was thrown from his camel and broke both his legs. He was tended by Fudala ibn Kilda, who came and pitched his tent on the very spot where the poet lay, and by his daughter Halima, and, in his gratitude, dedicated poems to them, which we still possess.

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Test #1 on the History of the Arab/Israeli Conflict in the Middle East. Muhammad's flight from Mecca to Medina in A. D. ; this event marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar.

The Five Pillars of Islam. 1. The Shahada (only one god) Why did Muhammed and his followers leave Mecca?

KOSOVAREPORT: Kosovo Serb Policeman Wounded in Ambush in Village, U.N. Reports