Inspiration from literature

Literature Group Description This group contains games based on previously published works of literature and characters from those works. This can include novels, short stories, or any other form of written fiction, published in books, plays, magazines, in e-books or even online as text. Limitations If the game directly references content or design from another adaptation of a literary work such as a movieit is no longer considered to be based solely on the original work and is instead based on the new derivative work.

Inspiration from literature

The shores are dark rock, cluttered with docks and boardwalks.

Inspiration from literature

Shallow lakes and marshlands pockmark the interior, interrupted occasionally with steep hills and mountains. Sometimes the hills are only little sugarloafs you could scramble up in half an hour; sometimes they are filled with alpine flowers, and depressions shelter reservoirs of snow in summer.

I am inclined to think most of us have one such landscape inside us, which we have created unconsciously. Sharing that internal world is part of what art can offer. An extraordinary dreamscape belonged to the Uruguayan poet Marosa di Giorgio —four of whose books of poetry have been published by Ugly Duckling Presse collectively under the title of I Remember Nightfall, with en face English translations by Dr.

Jeannine Marie Pitas, a poet and scholar. The translations themselves are fluid and supple, maintaining momentum and rhythm with simplicity of phrasing.

Inspiration from literature

Judged by the limited samples over which I applied that test, Dr. I Remember Nightfall is a rich and mercurial collection, and provides English speaking readers perhaps their first access to the work of di Giorgio.

I regard this as an event of some significance, since the more I read of di Giorgio, the more I am persuaded that she is an essential poet. The best poems are overwhelming in their originality and visceral power. Their narrative unfolds like an avalanche.

Blessings and torments are dispensed in an agony of beauty. There is an experience of both helplessness and power. Both portray a specific natural order, on which the supernatural constantly impinges. This technique of apparition or visitation can lead to an excessive reliance on the element of surprise, but di Giorgio refrains from ambushing the reader.

She is a poet of discovery, not jump-scares. To give you a sense of that world I will simply list the ideas in a randomly selected passage of poetry: The items on this list are representative.

This kitchen, garden, and farmland provide a mental setting within which the poet may ecstatically describe domestic incidents, spiritual visitations, or the enactment of mythic parables: The Carnival barely arrived, there in our beloved land.

The pea plants loaded with little fruits and flowers burned, and the long-antlered potato, and the pink, hairy yams; and in the air, the spiders walked, calmly… …And the house. There were only two dwellings in that vast region.

The children married their own siblings at a young age. When hunger and thirst became unbearable, a family member would be surrounded, then roasted, and life would go on. Everyone goes to bed.The Nobel Prize in Literature (Swedish: Nobelpriset i litteratur) is a Swedish literature prize that is awarded annually, since , to an author from any country who has, Presented by: Swedish Academy.

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