Literary essay for lord of the flies

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. His use of symbols is also important in helping us track the changes in the characters as the novel progresses. In addition, Golding also makes use of graphic imagery in some areas to emphasise the traits of the characters. The tone and language within the dialogue between the characters also is utilised to reflect the personality of characters.

Literary essay for lord of the flies

One element in that can change our humanity is technology. The world will only have a generation of idiots. Technology in the hands of people may surpass the importance of a civilization. He becomes uncivilized and ends up wanting the easiest forms of satisfaction he can get.

The boys forget their urge to do anything but listen to him. Jack preys on their fears which fuel his desire for power. Their conspicuous fear makes him crave the power even more and gives him immediate satisfaction.

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Hiding his features gives Jack the feeling of more power and control. The symbol of law and order, civilization, and authority is destroyed. The smashing of the conch symbolizes how useless a civilization is to Jack and his followers.


In our world today, technology, like the desire for power, can make a civilization less important. The immediate answers, results, etc.

Literary essay for lord of the flies

The conch shell is completely insignificant to Jack and the hunters. The symbol of Jack illustrates that there are many elements that have the ability to interfere not only with our humanity, but with our civilization as well. Sometimes our humanity itself cannot save us from fervent desires that can cause the failure of something very important like a civilization.

In our world today, the instant gratification that technology gives us can make us forgetful of what truly matters in life.Lord of the Flies Analysis Essay Words | 5 Pages Chris Sani Alexopoulos English 2 7th period October 2, Study of savagery through the novel Lord of .

” In The Lord of the Flies, William Golding shows us through the symbols of Jack Merridew and the Conch Shell that the desire to have power and instant gratification surpasses the importance of a civilization.

Essay about Lord of the Flies Literary Analysis Words | 6 Pages. Symbolism is a very important factor in many books. The use of symbolism in William Golding’s novel The Lord of the Flies is the most essential aspect to the function of the story. Lord of the Flies Literary Analysis Throughout the course of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, the characters of the boys changes drastically.

By the end of the book who is dead?

In the beginning, the boys are very disorganized and overwhelmed. A literary essay isn’t a book review: you’re not being asked whether or not you liked a book or whether you’d recommend it to another reader. A literary essay also isn’t like the kind of book report you wrote when you were younger, where your teacher wanted you to summarize the book’s action.

Struggling for Power The novel Lord of the Flies can be a violent like story. All throughout the novel, William Golding does a good job of showing how Ralph and Jack quarrel between each other whether who should take charge and who will be the leader to keep things in order.

Literary essay for lord of the flies
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