Misuse of computers at the workplace

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Misuse of computers at the workplace

Computer ethics in the workplace is just one of many areas trust comes into play. When it comes to computer ethics, setting rules must be done in a way that brings the organization together, while still showing respect for employees.

Make Expectations Clear You cannot expect your employees to follow rules they are not aware of. We all have different understandings and perspectives on certain situations.

Add that to ignorance, and a company can be courting disaster. Take for example flash drives. However, home computers are notorious for hosting viruses. A well-meaning employee may think nothing of copying work files onto a flash drive in order to put in some hours while at home. Unknowingly, the employee might save a virus on the flash drive and bring the contaminated drive back to the office an infect the entire network.

This is where proper training can be important.

Computer Ethics in the Workplace

When training new employees make sure to offer thorough, informative sessions with clear guidelines. Each employee should also have personal copies of the rules, should they need to refer back to them at any time. Do Not Assume It is easy to assume that everyone has the same moral compass.

This assumption, however, will leave you surprised when an employee crosses a boundary. And sometimes even those who start out following company policies may become lax when they are not monitored or reminded from time to time.

Misuse of computers at the workplace

For some, if there is no fear of getting caught, breaking rules will happen more often. As mentioned above, even the most well-meaning employees can introduce viruses into the network. Today, people have a wide variety of technical devices and really should not need to use the company computer for such things.

Smart phones and pads can easily be used by their owners on breaks if needed. Blocking some sites may even be a way to safeguard your network against malware and viruses. When to be Flexible For many employees, work is not their life. One example is in the case of parents.

With the increasing number of parents juggling work and family duties, it is reasonable to allow open communication in some form. Employees without children in the home may have their own concerns, which can be alleviated with access to communication devices.

This can be their own personal cell phone or desk phone. To avoid distracting co-workers, you might include a policy that requires cellphones to be put on vibrate or muted ringers. The ease and quietness of texting can make this even easier on fellow workers.

Chapter 19 - Ethical Issues

Employers may find it easier to cut down on personal use of company computers simply by allowing employees to keep their own devices. Set a Good Example Management should not misuse their power when it comes to their own use of computers in the workplace.Nov 30,  · Employee engagement has had quite a run in the spotlight, and many organizations are intent on cracking the code to develop and sustain high levels of engagement that, in turn, drive other.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec In this current age of technology, running any type of business without the help of computers, internet, cell phones and so on would be considered crazy.

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Misuse of computers at the workplace

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