Model united nations essay

Students Model United Nations Model United Nations MUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about civics, effective communication, globalization and multilateral diplomacy. In Model UN, students take on roles as foreign diplomats and participate in a simulated session of an intergovernmental organization IGO. Participants research a country, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems. The Model United Nations has been a part of the Stockholm International School extracurricular studies since the beginning of the 90s.

Model united nations essay

Aviation Security With overflights transporting approximately 2, passengers daily, ensuring the safety of air travel is a particularly important issue for international security. Therefore, what can the United Nations do to protect civil aviation, especially with the threat of unannounced military testing?

How can the United Nations encourage multilateral solutions to airline threats? Lastly, what steps can be taken to manage the risk of global epidemics, a concern brought about by international aviation?

Conflict in Kashmir Pakistan and India have feuded over the region of Kashmir for decades. Inthe United Nations passed a resolution that insisted both nations withdraw forces and a referendum take place; however, neither happened.

Since then, wars have been waged, lives have been lost, and human rights violations continue. The situation is complicated by matters such as religion, politics, access to water and resources, insurgency, and more. Should the United Nations intervene once again?

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Specifically in Central Africa, the presence of terrorist organizations as well as illegal smuggling of small arms and light weapons have forced peacekeeping operations to take control of funds once devoted to development of infrastructure in several countries.

Most states agree that helping a country develop their infrastructure will create an environment less suitable to terrorist organizations, however counterterrorism operations are considered necessary to ensuring safety of civilians and developing governments.

How can the United Nations assist with counterterrorism and development of countries without losing assets in both? What should the UN do to stifle terrorist activities while also encouraging countries to invest in their own infrastructures to create a peaceful nation?

Model united nations essay

Cybersecurity The creation of 3D printing machines have yielded products that have led the world into the future of technology and innovation. Despite their useful potential, manipulation of 3D blueprints and printers can lead to mechanical failure of prints, development of weapons, or worse.

Furthermore, security experts from around the world conclude that 3D printing could be a serious threat to global security in the next few years, especially with the ability to print weapons such as firearms.

What regulatory frameworks, if any, should be developed and adopted by the United Nations? How can regulations be enforced?

How can the United Nations promote creative and necessary developments in technology while also preventing maluse of said technologies? In their home countries, children are forcibly recruited into armed criminal gangs, and if they refuse, they receive death threats or are outright killed.

Furthermore, state police are often accomplices to murder and therefore security forces combating the gangs are dwindled. How can the United Nations work towards sustainable peace and prosperity in Central America?

Should the United Nations get further involved and utilize peacekeeping forces to combat gangs? Should member states affected by criminal organizations receive financial aid, and how can it be ensured that this financial assistance does not make its way into criminal hands? Attacks on Political Rallies Threaten Elections In recent months, populations in dozens of countries across the world have gone to the ballot box to cast their votes in national elections.


However, there has been an increase in attacks on political rallies, the candidates, and voters. In Zimbabwe, for example, forty individuals including voters and politicians were injured in an election rally. In Ethiopia, another blast injured dozens and killed one, instilling fear in the voting population.

The extent to which this violence has occured threatens democracy and the ability for people to exercise their right to vote as the attacks instill fear within the voting populations. How can the UN stifle attacks on political rallies, candidates, and voters while also respecting the democratic process of said countries?

Global Economy 2A, 2B, 2C: Decline in multilateral trading The UN has stated that multilateral trading is the key to a strong, healthy, and resilient economy. However this past year, various Member States have instigated attacks to this system of trading, by instituting tariffs and attempting to dismantle multilateral trade agreements.United Nations on settling International Disputes Essay examples Words 5 Pages People see the United Nations as an international organization that is there always for international disputes, international peacekeepers at the heart of everything else they do.

Pace University took home more awards than any other university that participated in the National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City April , Connect Model United Nations.

QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER 1. To what extent should the Western powers intervene in the growing conflict? 2. What can the . Model United Nations Sample Policy Statement Delegation: France Security Council The situation concerning Syria This delegate of France is deeply disturbed by the situation progressing in France.

Revolt and protests have been progressing for over a year and have no clear end in sight. Model United Nations Rules of Procedure - YouTube. This is the second part of a mini-unit to introduce the United Nations.

Student are tasked with becoming an expert on one of the organization bodies of the UN and presenting a lesson to the rest of their class. Why Position Papers Matter. For a long time in the world of Model United Nations, positions papers have gotten a bad rap. They’re written in the last minute, provide little actual insight into an issue, and seem to be more of a bother than a valuable learning aid.

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