Relation between educating rita and bend

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Relation between educating rita and bend

Willy Russell, born in ,grew up in Liverpool, and was originally from a working class background and was expected to work in either the docks or a factory. This has been challenged during this period as an outdated view, and that women were every bit as capable as a man in the workplace.

Educating Rita is a play that uses these contrasted views to its own uses and shows a working class woman proving that she can have an education if she is given the chance, and the means to do so. In Act one we see them becoming closer and in Act two we see them pulling apart; this is due to the fact that Rita earns her independence at the end of the play.

This is perfectly normal as Rita learns how to socialise with other individuals despite the social class barrier and gains confidence; this process is a complete role reversal as Frank is now relying on her. We can see this from her first entrance into the play in scene1.

Rita and Franks first meeting in the play involved a rather dramatic and rude entrance by Rita who bossed Frank around and swore drawing attention onto her. You wanna get it fixed!

This shows the audience how little Rita knows how to act in formal situations; usually the audience would expect her to act quiet and polite. Franks character in the play is cynical and bitter.

He has had many failed relationships, which imply that he is emotionally stunted, and drinks to keep his problems away. A Tragic Hero Essay Frank takes an instant liking to Rita in the beginning of the play, as they are both different in each of their ways.

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Rita wears different clothing compared to the other students; she smokes and drinks with Frank. As Rita settles into her new routine she begins to experience problems with her husband, Denny.

Jun 14,  · yes muriels wedding is on of the best texts to use in relation to education rite it had so many parralles Share. Share this post on; Digg;; " bend it like bechkam" as a related texxt Related Texts Educating Rita Hello, we are allowed to use songs as a text in the HSC. Essay on Relation Between Educating Rita and Bend It Like Beckham Bend it like Beckham and Educating Rita could relate in these ways • In Bend it like Beckham the Indian tradition of women getting married, having children and taking on domestic duties-e.g. cooking etc. relates to Rita how she is expected to live in the same sort of way but. iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download and subscribe to Modern Love by WBUR and The New York Times, get iTunes alphabetnyc.coms: 4.

However with all this extra support coming from Frank, Rita still only sees him as a tutor and a friend. Rita needs Frank to tutor her and to also support her and give her guidance.

During this period frank has stopped drinking, or at least cut down.

Relation between educating rita and bend

This shows that Rita is having an influence over him, and that she is giving him something to care for in life other then just drinking his life away. The audience would think that by being with a partner he would already have this, but the relationship is one of mostly of duty rather then any love.

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The consequences of his actions has a long term effect on their relationship. Rita begins learns how to make new friends and this causes her to gain confidence and tear away from Frank for support and guidance. Rita also meets her new friends in summer camp during an interval between Act one and Act two.

The interval between Act one and two symbolises the disintegration of their relationship and the changes taking place in Rita. I think Willy Russell created an interval on purpose for impact on the audience because the changes taking place in Frank and Rita after the interval will be very obvious to the audience.

Dramatic irony, pathetic fallacy and humour Essay This change in Franks character and actions also tells the audience that he is now a dependant on Rita; their roles have completely reversed since the start of the play. This is also a reversal of their earlier relationship when Rita always used to come to him.Hurricane Rita made landfall in southwestern Louisiana between Sabine Pass, Texas and Johnson's Bayou, Louisiana early Saturday morning, September 24, " Rita " was the second major hurricane to strike the Louisiana coast this season (" Katrina " was the first) and the third most intense hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin.

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¶ And in. Apr 02,  · Educated Essay; Educated Essay.

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A Speech Congress, Frank Bowe, A Highly Educated Deaf Man Throughout Willy Russell’s Educating Rita, we see that Rita uses education in an attempt to become a self-supporting individual and, in turn, shed the stereotypes that plague the working class.

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