Spare the rod spoil the parenting leonard pitts article

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Spare the rod spoil the parenting leonard pitts article

A few Words concerning what induced me to a Pilgrimage. IN the autumn ofthrough the medium of my excellent friend, the late General Monteith, I offered my services to the Royal Geographical Society of London, for the purpose of removing that opprobrium to modern adventure, the huge white blot which in our maps still notes the Eastern and the Central regions of Arabia.

But they were unable to prevail upon the said Chairman, the late Sir James Hogg, who, remembering the fatalities which of late years have befallen sundry soldier-travellers in the East, refused his sanction, alleging as a reason 1 that the contemplated journey was of too dangerous a nature.

In compensation, however, for the disappointment, I was allowed the additional furlough of a year, in order to pursue my Arabic studies in lands where the language is best learned.

What remained for me but to prove, by trial, that what might be perilous to other travellers was safe to me? I had intended, had the period of leave originally applied for been granted, to land at Maskat — a favourable starting-place — and there to apply myself, slowly and surely, to the task of spanning the deserts.

The principal object with which I started was this: The secondary objects were numerous. Sykes, namely, that if tradition be true, in the population of the vast Peninsula there must exist certain physiological differences sufficient to warrant our questioning the common origin of the Arab family.

Moreover, I am satisfied, that in spite of all geographers, from Ptolemy to Jomard, Arabia, which abounds in fiumaras, 3 possesses not a single perennial stream worthy the name of river; 4 and the testimony of the natives induces me to think, with Wallin, contrary to Ritter and others, that the Peninsula falls instead of rising towards the south.

Finally, I have found proof, to be produced in a future part of this publication, for believing in three distinct races. The aborigines of the country, driven like the Bhils and other autochthonic Indians, into the eastern and south-eastern wilds bordering upon the ocean.

A Syrian or Mesopotamian stock, typified by Shem and Joktan, that drove the Indigenae from the choicest tracts of country; these invaders still enjoy their conquests, representing the great Arabian people. An impure Syro-Egyptian clan — we personify it by Ishmael, by his son Nabajoth, and by Edom, Esau, the son of Isaac — that populated and still populates the Sinaitic Peninsula.

And in most places, even in the heart of Meccah, I met with debris of heathenry, proscribed by Mohammed, yet still popular, while the ignorant observers of the old customs assign to them a modern and a rationalistic origin. By the advice of a brother officer, Captain now Colonel Henry Grindlay, of the Bengal Cavalry, — little thought at that time the adviser or the advised how valuable was the suggestion!

For what polite Chesterfield says of the difference between a gentleman and his reverse — namely, that both perform the same offices of life, but each in a several and widely different way — is notably as applicable to the manners of the Eastern as of the Western man.

Look, for instance, at that Indian Moslem drinking a glass of water. With us the operation is simple enough, but his performance includes no fewer than five novelties.

Spare the rod spoil the parenting leonard pitts article

Moreover, in Europe, where both extremities are used indiscriminately, one forgets the exclusive use of the right hand, the manipulation of the rosary, the abuse of the chair, — your genuine Oriental gathers up his legs, looking almost as comfortable in it as a sailor upon the back of a high-trotting — the rolling gait with the toes straight to the front, the grave look and the habit of pious ejaculations.

Malta, too, wears an old familiar face, which bids you order a dinner and superintend the iceing of claret beginning of Oriental barbarisminstead of galloping about on donkey-back through fiery air in memory of St.

Paul and White-Cross Knights. But though our journey might be called monotonous, there was nothing to complain of. The ship was in every way comfortable; the cook, strange to say, was good, and the voyage lasted long enough, and not too long.

Wonderful was the contrast between the steamer and that villa on the Mahmudiyah canal! Startling the sudden change from presto to adagio life! In thirteen days we had passed from the clammy grey fog, that atmosphere of industry which kept us at anchor off the Isle of Wight, through the loveliest air of the Inland Sea, whose sparkling blue and purple haze spread charms even on N.

Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History

The savouring of animal existence; the passive enjoyment of mere sense; the pleasant languor, the dreamy tranquillity, the airy castle-building, which in Asia stand in lieu of the vigorous, intensive, passionate life of Europe.

It is the result of a lively, impressible, excitable nature, and exquisite sensibility of nerve; it argues a facility for voluptuousness unknown to northern regions, where happiness is placed in the exertion of mental and physical powers; where Ernst ist das Leben; where niggard earth commands ceaseless sweat of face, and damp chill air demands perpetual excitement, exercise, or change, or adventure, or dissipation, for want of something better.

In the East, man wants but rest and shade: And although some Armenian Dragoman, a restless spy like all his race, occasionally remarked voila un Persan diablement degage, none, except those who were entrusted with the secret, had any idea of the part I was playing.

I lost no time in securing the assistance of a Shaykh, 17 and plunged once more into the intricacies of the Faith; revived my recollections of religious ablutions, read the Koran, and again became an adept in the art of prostration.

Pilgrimaging Moslems are here shown the tomb of Al-nabi Daniyal Daniel the Prophetdiscovered upon a spot where the late Sultan Mahmud dreamed that he saw an ancient man at prayer.

Alexandria also boasts of two celebrated Walis — holy men. One is Mohammed al-Busiri, the author of a poem called Al-Burdah, universally read by the world of Islam, and locally recited at funerals and on other solemn occasions.

The other is Abu Abbas al-Andalusi, a sage and saint of the first water, at whose tomb prayer is never breathed in vain. It is not to be supposed that the people of Alexandria could look upon my phials and pill-boxes without a yearning for their contents.

An Indian doctor, too, was a novelty to them; Franks they despised, — but a man who had come so far from East and West!Brief descriptions of each Registry title can be found here, and expanded essays are available for select titles. The authors of these essays are experts in film history, and their works appear in books, newspapers, magazines and online.

Some of these essays originated in other publications and are reprinted here by permission of the author. Acts of Apostles, and all jocundity of Leading-Articles, are gone out, and it is become bitter earnest instead; polished satire changed now into coarse pike-points (hammered has sent courteous summons, in order to spare the effusion of blood!—Resist him to the death?

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The article went on to say that as of right now, we can go into the final HP book not knowing how it will end, and in a few days, no other readers will have that blank slate. No doubt within hours of the release of the new HP we will know who died and how, and it will truly ruin one of the few surprises we get to be excited about, culturally.

The entire wikipedia with video and photo galleries for each article. Find something interesting to watch in seconds. Sep 10,  · Leonard Pitts Jr. often writes columns that inspire my respect. However, his column " Spare the rod, spoil the parenting " horrified me (Times syndicated column, Sept. 6). Brief descriptions of each Registry title can be found here, and expanded essays are available for select titles. The authors of these essays are experts in film history, and their works appear in books, newspapers, magazines and online. Some of these essays originated in other publications and are reprinted here by permission of the author.

Article; This Weekend's Kids & Family Activities in Bronx. By Directories Editor - Weekly February 14, These events have already taken place. Meet in the Parenting Center lounge. Bring your device and get your questions answered by two savvy teen Parenting Center alums.

An August 5, article on the New England Cable News channel, entitled South Coast rail project a priority for Mass. lawmakers, mentions a $billion railroad reconstruction plan by Governor Deval Patrick, and could mean rebuilding of old rail lines on the Cape.

Spare the rod spoil the parenting leonard pitts article
Spare the Rod, Spoil the Parenting by Leonard Pitts Essay