Teen pop culture

But there's something else on the year-old's resume that defies typecasting:

Teen pop culture

Teen pop culture

Tweet Many changes, events, and attitudes defined the s. In fact, 70s culture was — by the end of the decade — far different than that of the previous decade, when the hippie culture dominated the scene, especially in the United States.

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As the 60s became the 70s, women were making their way out of the kitchen and into the workplace. But even though mothers were heading out to work each morning, the family unit was still an essential element of 70s culture, though what the family looked like certainly began to change.

The divorce rate began to skyrocket towards the end of the decade. Technology entered the picture in the s as well and affected the way people spent their leisure time.

Americans of all ages were awed by new-fangled video games that first appeared at arcades and then invaded the house, hooked up to the family television. Music was also a huge part of 70s culture.

The Rock and Roll genre that took the 60s by storm continued to burgeon and had a great influence on the youth of the decade. All sorts of Rock sub-genres emerged and much of it had adults shaking their heads and wondering what would become of their kids if they kept listening to this loud music with the undistinguishable lyrics.

And at the end of the decade, young adults found a new kind of music and a new way to have fun. Disco music prompted the opening of hundreds of dance clubs around the country, even in small towns but especially in large U.

Though disco music would disappear by the end of the decade, it would have a huge impact on many aspects of life in the 70s including movies and fashion. But regardless of the changes, people of the 70s pretty much wanted the same thing as those who came before — a happy life.

Perhaps, however, they tried a little harder to get it, protesting wars and promoting peace both within the U.

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People became free thinkers, questioning government and demanding that their voices be heard.In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, we’re rounding up 16 moments from pop culture that made us smile, laugh, or cheer at some point this year.

Because hey, it's the little things we need to hold on to — and there is no better way to combat negativity than with a laugh or a good memory.

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Home > 70s Culture. 70s Culture. Tweet. Many changes, events, and attitudes defined the s. In fact, 70s culture was – by the end of the decade – far different than that. Teen Pop is essentially dance-pop, pop, and urban ballads that are marketed to teens.

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Often, it's performed by teens, as well. Of course, music made for teenagers has been around since the dawn of the modern recording industry, from the bobby-socked girls that swooned for Sinatra to the legions of fans of Fabian or the Bay City Rollers, but teen pop is the teen music made during the late '80s.

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