Teens and marijuana essay

When people begin using marijuana as teenagers, the drug may impair thinking, memory, and learning functions and affect how the brain builds connections between the areas necessary for these functions. For example, a study from New Zealand conducted in part by researchers at Duke University showed that people who started smoking marijuana heavily in their teens and had an ongoing marijuana use disorder lost an average of 8 IQ points between ages 13 and This suggests that the IQ decline in marijuana users may be caused by something other than marijuana, such as shared familial factors e.

Teens and marijuana essay

Stronger forms of the drug include high potency strains - known as sinsemilla sin-seh-me-yahhashish hash for shortand extracts including hash oil, shatter, wax, and budder.

Read 10 things you can learn about marijuana. In the early s, the average THC content in marijuana was about 3.

Teens and marijuana essay

Init was almost 10 percent, and much higher in some products such as oils and other extracts see below. It may cause users to take in higher amounts of THC — which could lead to greater health risks including increased risk of addiction, or they may adjust how they consume marijuana by smoking or eating less to compensate for the greater potency.

As a result of teen marijuana use, teens engage in problematic behavior, neglect their education, and risk their health. Teens who are associated with marijuana, and participate in illegal activities, could potentially damage their future with criminal records. We will write a custom essay sample on Effects of Teen Marijuana Use. Introduction: This is the opening paragraph of your alphabetnyc.com contains the hook, which is used to grab the reader's attention, and the thesis, or argument, which you'll explain in the next section. That not all marijuana arrests are going to lead to someone who didn’t have a criminal record gaining one is a good point. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the negative effect of going from “no criminal record” to “criminal record” were 1 QALY or more.

There have been reports of people seeking help in emergency rooms with symptoms, including psychosis having false thoughts or seeing or hearing things that aren't thereafter consuming high concentrations of THC.

There are several forms of these extracts, such as hash oil, budder, wax, and shatter. These resins have 3 to 5 times more THC than the plant itself. Smoking or vaping it also called dabbing can deliver dangerous amounts of THC to users, and has led some people to seek treatment in the emergency room.

There have also been reports of people injured in fires and explosions caused by attempts to extract hash oil from marijuana leaves using butane lighter fluid. Potency Monitoring Program quarterly report number National Institute on Drug Abuse; How is marijuana used?

Some people smoke marijuana in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints. Many use glass pipes, water pipes called bongs, or marijuana cigars called blunts often made by slicing open cigars and replacing some or all of the tobacco with marijuana. To avoid inhaling smoke, some people are using vaporizers.

These devices pull the active ingredients including THC from the marijuana into the vapor. A person then inhales the vapor, not the smoke. Some vaporizers use a marijuana liquid extract. Marijuana can also be brewed as tea or cooked into food, sometimes called edibles—such as brownies, cookies, or candy.

Unlike marijuana, their use sometimes directly results in overdose deaths. What happens to your brain when you use marijuana? When marijuana is smoked or vaporized, THC quickly passes from the lungs into the bloodstream, which carries it to organs throughout the body, including the brain.

Teens and marijuana essay

Its effects begin almost immediately and can last from 1 to 3 hours.An essay or paper on Effects of Marijuana on Teens. Temporary Insanity: Effects of Marijuana on Teens There are many reasons why teens start smoking marijuana.

Young people mostly have friends, brothers or sisters who use marijuana and pressure them to try it. Because marijuana is portrayed in music videos, on television, etc., many users think it.

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Research on the consequences and effectiveness of using marijuana to treat children, teens, and young adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder continues to evolve. An effective solution for marijuana abuse by teens must be found!

"Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in America today (Nation 5)." "Marijuana refers to the leaves and flowering tops of the cannabis plant. Marijuana is usually smoked on form of loosely rolled cigarettes called joints 3/5(5). Some teens justify use of marijuana because it is used for medical purposes.

Marijuana use with a prescription for a medical reason is called "medical marijuana." Laws for medical marijuana are rapidly changing and are different from state to state. That not all marijuana arrests are going to lead to someone who didn’t have a criminal record gaining one is a good point.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the negative effect of going from “no criminal record” to “criminal record” were 1 QALY or more.

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