The empty self a life without spiritual growth

Parachin Because we live in a culture that increasingly leans toward commercialism, materialism, and secularism, it is not always easy to keep the soul nourished. The challenge of these days, when times are not hospitable to spiritual growth, is how to nuture, feed, heal, restore, and renew the soul. Here are 21 practical suggestions for building a stronger spiritual life.

The empty self a life without spiritual growth

But one thing for sure is that you will be a source of light and strength, in a much confused world.

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You know every spiritual concept and healing modality and positive affirmation out there. What else can they teach you? But just as you became almost content treading the sensible path of human improvement inch by inch, it started- the mysterious process of real transformation, which takes you by storm and throws all the spiritual rules you learned out of the window.

All the mystics who came before you, be it Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, or Snoopy, had periods of disappearance into the void- the empty spots on the timeline of their life when it seemed they had suddenly dropped off the edge of the planet.

Nobody knew where they were and what they were doing. They went alone, they went within, relinquishing their old limited identity and becoming something more expanded, powerful, and closer to their true self.

Except that they had a desert or a cave to go to, instead of living in midtown Manhattan and riding the metro to work everyday.

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A catholic monk once wrote a book about how much it sucked for him. It has a depressing name. But I feel the author is more than a bit masochistic.

Many things can happen in the process, including Your mind is empty. Sometimes it feels like your mind has been sent for service at the dealer shop.

The empty self a life without spiritual growth

You may not even be aware of its absence-we take it for granted too much- until you need it for reading a newspaper or crunching some serious numbers. Thoughts run through you faster than ever. One moment you have a lot of them. Sometimes your mind is so vacant that you want to puke, or punch someone in the face.

Yet you notice an underlining stillness in you no matter where you go. No matter how gregarious you used to be, by the middle of this you probably find yourself alarmingly isolated. All your social charms are gone. Yet most of the time you feel just fine without company.

Aloneness is rich and meditative and seldom lonely. And if your head is stuffed with spiritual doctrines, this would freak you out, because being spiritually advanced means you should be as open as possible, no? The alchemical change process needs space to happen. Listen to your body.

One day you feel sublime and free. Nothing bad has happened, but you feel like a stinky sock soaked in the rain, miserable and heavy. Not even your shrinks or your shamans. So go ahead and fire them already. You are feeling this way because a new system is being constructed in you, while the heavy debris of your old structure is burning away.

Try not to engage with the dark thoughts accompanying the smoke.You may realize you have experienced vacuosity. Without the Seal you probably are experiencing it right now. You are on the verge of gaining new purpose in your life but up until now you have been empty and idle.

Yes. You have been empty and idle no matter how busy you have been. Because you are not. Jesus described the “dying to self” process (“denying self”) as part of following Him — “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me” (Mt ); He then went on to say that “dying to self” is actually a positive, not a negative: “For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it!” (Mt ).

Spiritual growth is something captured as a moving experience never as a static word. So people in midlife crisis often drop everything to run and experience life in order to recapture that feeling of spirit.

This is in no way, to put personal growth and spiritual growth up against each other as eliminating competition is one of the basics to higher consciousness, this . Spiritual growth begins the moment a person comes to faith in Christ and should continue until a person enters Christ's presence after this life.

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Spiritual growth is expected of the believer. The author of Hebrews reprimands his readers for "no longer try[ing] to understand" (Hebrews NIV) and "being still an infant" (Hebrews ).

Aug 10,  · Despite sounding benign, the kind of spiritual shift I'm talking about is most likely inconvenient to your daily life and worse, makes you question your own sanity. Because from an outside.

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