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Find these documents from here. Reports covering may be found here. Approximately six weeks after the end of each semester, the OAS publishes a Semiannual Management and Performance Report, which since includes reporting on programmatic results.

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The following are the three common methods to log a message: Logging on the same server: Many systems forward their logs over the network to a central log server. Rsyslog is the default logging program on several Linux distributions including Debian and Red Hat based systems.

Apart from implementing the syslog protocol, rsyslog adds additional features such as content-based filtering. This also uses TCP for transporting, and provides lot of configuration options. This article explains how to implement the method 2 mentioned above.

This setup will help you to analyze the log files of all the servers in your infrastructure from a central log server. Installation Rsyslog comes as the default logging program in Tutoria adm Distribution and Red Hat based systems.

Configuration Structure Before understanding how to setup the central logging sever, it is good to understand the configuration structure of rsyslog. Rsyslog configuration files are structed in the following manner Modules Rule line Modules Rsyslog has a modular architecture. It enables functionalities to be added dynamically through these modules.

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The modules are categorized as: Input Modules — Used to gather messages from various sources Output Modules — Used to write the messages to various places file, socket etc. Parser Modules — Used to parse the message content Please note that there are also other categories of modules available.

This is to give an overview of what modules can do. It affects the rules. Action specifies what action must be taken for the matched rule. Templates Templates are a very important features provided by rsyslog.

It can also be used to create dynamic file names to log the messages. A sample template will look like: Text-Before This is hello from rsyslog Text-After We will see how to use the template for generate the log files dynamically.

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Central Logging Server The above sections should have given an overview about rsyslog and how to configure it. Now we will move on to setup a central logging system. Add the following lines to the rsyslog. For TCP, load imtcp. Now each clients log Now the rsyslog server will be ready to accept messages.

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