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Write and co detroit

No other building exemplifies just how much the automobile gave to the city of Detroit — and how much it took away. For 75 years, the depot shipped Detroiters off to war, brought them home, took them on vacation and sent them off to visit Grandma.

It was filled with the sounds of hellos and goodbyes, panting locomotives and screeching wheeled steel. But for 30 years now, it has been a place for vandals, thrill-seekers, junkies and the homeless.

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The only sounds to be heard are the hissing of cans of spray paint, the clicks and whirs of camera shutters and the slow drips of water through holes in the roof. Wind whistling through write and co detroit windows has replaced the deep-throated whistles of trains. Designing the depot From untilthe Michigan Central Railroad ran out of a depot downtown at Third and Jefferson.

By springabout fifty acres of property for the depot had been acquired with about three hundred small, wooden-frame homes being bought or condemned. Matthew Scanlon, the real estate dealer who acquired the land for the railroad, had to call on one old woman forty times to get her to sell. It was said to be the largest real estate transaction ever in the state at the time.

Some deals took only five minutes, write and co detroit others took six months, the Detroit Tribune reported in December, The idea was part of the City Beautiful movement of the time, which called for grand public buildings at the end of dramatic vistas.

write and co detroit

The park was named Roosevelt Park in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt, who had died in Januaryand the landscaping was more or less completed the following year.

Construction on the station began after permits were obtained May 16, The steel framework of the building was in place in December This architectural juxtaposition was not without its critics, as Harold D.

Eberlein wrote in The Architectural Record at the time: Seen from a distance, the casual observer, unless otherwise informed, would never take the two parts of the station to be portions of one and the same building, so utterly different are they.

Each part taken separately might be good. Joined together, they are architecturally incongruous. The design reflected a return to classicism and romanticized transportation.

The station created a majestic setting for passengers, many of whom had come to associate train stations with soot, smoke and noise. And the sheer mammoth proportions of the station was meant to be awe-inspiring and make a statement to travelers about the greatness of the city in which they were arriving and the railroad they were arriving on.

Michigan Central Station, or MCS as it is often called, consists of a three-story train depot and an eighteen-story office tower. It is made up of more than eight million bricks, one hundred and twenty-five thousand cubic feet of stone and seven thousand tons of structural steel — plus another four thousand tons in the sheds.

The foundation has twenty thousand cubic yards of concrete.

write and co detroit

When the building opened, it was the tallest railroad station in the world, and the fourth tallest building in Detroit.

The depot was to be formally dedicated on Jan. And rushed into service was an understatement: Newspapers reported at the time that within a half hour after officials were certain the old station was doomed, arrangements were made for trains to start using the new one. Moving vans, which had been plying between the new station and the old, and various furniture and fixture establishments helped swell the tide of traffic.

The pooch was found in the outer gallery way playing with the taxi chauffeurs. The waiting room was modeled after the public baths of ancient Rome and stretches the length of the building.

Covered by Guastavino tile vaults divided by broad coffered arches, the waiting room was decorated with marble floors, bronze chandeliers, gargantuan foot Corinthian columns, and three arched by foot windows flanked by four smaller windows ornamented with lovely wrought iron grilles.

There are 14 marble pillars set against the walls and at the entrance to the concourse. The depot itself, which held the ticketing offices, main waiting room, the restaurant and other facilities, was only 98 feet tall.

The waiting room is 97 feet wide and feet long. Its arched ceiling is 65 feet high. There also were bathing facilities, where travelers could freshen up or get a shave before getting on the next train, and facilities where they could send telegrams, buy postcards to send home, or make telephone calls.

At the west of the waiting room was the restaurant, featuring marble counters and floors of Welsh quarry tile. The main concourse had nearly 20 skylights and huge windows providing tons of natural sunlight.

As a passenger entered the gates, he or she would go down an incline toward the train sheds. The passenger auditors alone took up the entire seventh floor.

The eastern side had the streetcar entrance. The western side had the carriage entrance, later used for taxis.The University of Detroit Mercy, located in Northwest Detroit in the University District, is a prominent Roman Catholic co-educational university affiliated with the Society of .

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