Zebra tissue paper

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Zebra tissue paper

Hygloss Animal Skin Tissue Assortment - BLICK art materials You will most likely have most of these supplies in your home already, and that means it's also thrifty to make zebras and other crafts using paper plates. When kids start crafting they can go through tons of materials, so the fact that this craft is so inexpensive can be a real blessing.
All Listings Just add scissors, paint, googly eyes, and hot glue.

The amount and intensity of striping can be best predicted by the temperature of the environment in which zebras live. Smith, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology in the UCLA College and senior author of the research.

On zebras in warmer climes, the stripes are bold and cover the entire body. On others — particularly those in regions with colder winters such as South Africa and Namibia — the stripes are fewer in number and are lighter and narrower.

In some cases, the legs or other body parts have virtually no striping.

UCLA study finds that regulating body temperature may be a key factor

Zebras evolved from horses more than 2 million years ago, biologists have found. And while numerous previous studies of the phenomenon focused on a single hypothesis, the Larison-led study was the first to fully test a large set of hypotheses against one another.

The finding provides the first evidence that controlling body temperature, or thermoregulation, is the main reason for the stripes and the patterns they form. Separate research by Daniel Rubenstein, a Princeton University professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and a co-author of the Open Science paper, and Princeton undergraduate Damaris Iriondo strongly suggests that boldly striped zebras have external body temperatures about five degrees Fahrenheit cooler than other animals of the same size — like antelopes — that do not have stripes but live in the same areas.

The Rubenstein study is not yet published, but it is cited in the Open Science paper. Larison has studied many zebras during her field work throughout Africa — including in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Using the fact that their stripes are unique like fingerprints, she is able to distinguish one zebra from another.

Zebra tissue paper

Larison and her research team have also collected zebra tissue samples and have used cutting-edge technology to sequence zebra DNA to try to identify which genes code for striping. The team is continuing to study the benefits stripes provide.Jan 21,  · Materials Required: white 12X18 #80 paper sheets, 9X 16 green rectangle, black rectangles for tearing the stripes of the zebra, green tissue paper, black crayons, scissors, glue, black paint and small brushes, green tissue paper, black yarn.

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Zebra Tissue Paper - 20x30

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